The last few months have been challenging for many as we have transformed our homes into remote offices and classrooms. We have managed to do the impossible toggling between executive roles and educators all while using video conference as our go to method. I get tired just thinking about my zoom meeting calendar.  

Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful for this tool that has enabled many to stay connected and informed during these times. It has also made remote work more acceptable providing a glimpse of the future of work, and further credence to the idea that works teams can be effective and productive from anywhere they may be.

Yet, who would have thought that the pandemic would make Zoom meetings such a staple in our work lives and replace all in-person meetings so swiftly? It’s no surprise that by the first month following the pandemic the term ‘zoom-fatigue entered the lexicon.  According to an article recently posted on Psychology Today, experts noted, “Zoom fatigue is real and video calls seem to heighten loneliness, compared to face to face, texting and the use of social media.” It also stated, “The energy used is much higher.” What an a-ha moment! It’s no wonder I was feeling what I was feeling.

This information brought into sharp focus how multi-faceted human relationships truly are. There is no question that there are times we need to see and truly interact with people. Zoom video calls for every meeting just isn’t the answer.

Our workgroup at Fusion, understands that the pressure during these times is at an all-time high and connecting has never been so important. But sometimes we need to step back and take pause and decide  whether a virtual meeting is really needed. A problem might be solved with a phone call or an email. Understanding the client needs combined with your needs, yes I said it, your needs, are very important as we lay out the healthiest way to stay connected, productive and whole during these uncertain times.

Public relations practitioners are notorious for being connected to our phones and computers all day and all night, but to prevent burn out we try to adhere to a schedule that consists of a start and end time. It’s not always possible as we must be flexible and nimble to be able to respond to potential crisis situations and new deadlines, but we must strike a balance when we can.

Here are five things we try to abide by at Fusion:

  1. Start early and finish early – 5 PM 😂
  2. Limit zoom video calls to one to three zoom calls a week; this includes educational webinars.
  3. Lunch hour is sacred (eat, exercise or listen to an entertaining podcast like SMARTLESS,  guaranteed to make you laugh).
  4. Be perceptive on what clients are going through; LISTEN intently and try to do something to help make their day better.
  5. Set up select face to face meetings, albeit taking the CDC guidelines into consideration. It is important to start getting out of the house. We can all use a hug, a smile, coffee or even wine.

Lastly, if you know us let us know how we can help. No ask is too big during these times. From strategic planning to cafecito meet ups, #FusionCares.

Stay safe!  Julie








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