It’s during challenging times like these that we are reminded of our fragility and how much we are interconnected as human beings. Just recently, I heard the saying ‘we’re all in the same boat, but not on the same ship,’ which I take to mean that we are all trying to weather this storm, but some of us are having a harder time than others. Whether you need the support or are wanting to support others, technology has made it easier to create these lasting linkages.

Professional organizations and peer groups are tapping these resources successfully and achieving a certain degree of mastery to boot. The Public Relations Society of America is a shining example of this. From free webinars, to resources and professional connections, public relations professionals feel supported both nationally and locally with access to tools and resources to help anyone adapt and pivot as necessary, considering many industries have been hard hit.

We’ve all heard the famous tagline “membership has its privileges.” A privilege I don’t take lightly is being a part of the Worldcom Public Relations Group, a stellar group of public relations agencies across the globe. The PR network has facilitated peer to peer exchanges and access to resources since Day 1 of the coronavirus pandemic. These regular exchanges continue to make us stronger together. Many of the professionals in this group have volunteered their time to share experiences and know-how with those of us who need to find a new way to adapt to ‘the new normal’ or advice to navigate the new set of challenges facing their firm. Imma Folch Lázaro, CEO and Founder of LF Channel in Barcelona Spain, a Worldcom agency, for example, interviewed several women CEOs – I included – facilitating the sharing of nuggets of inspiration and practical advice facing women in business today. Thank you Imma for being an early light during some of those dark times.

Many of us, like Imma, are finding the calling to help other professionals who are reaching out within our professional membership groups or on platforms like LinkedIn and even Facebook. Some leaders – many of whom are unsung heroes in my book (you know who you are) – are creating smaller peer groups that are meeting periodically to discuss issues and challenges facing their businesses. Whether it’s a recommendation or a simple hello, a response or a kind word can mean a lot to someone who just needs a fellow colleague to lift them up and support them in a small, yet significant way.

There’s help and support to be found in our surrounding communities, thankfully. We just need to look and ask for help – or offer help. Whether it’s on LinkedIn or within a professional group, the spirit of helping is alive more than ever. We can be a part of the solution and emerge better and stronger for the wear. #WorldcomStrong

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